Recognition of Prior Learning

The RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning - is the assessment process of an individual’s prior education and/ or work experience which acknowledges formal and informal, paid and unpaid experience. The outcome determines if the individual receives credit for a vocational course or for their skilled assessment.

The RPL acknowledges that the individual may have gained appropriate knowledge, understanding, and skills in Australia or overseas and whether or not is able to demonstrate the required competencies associated with the relevant Australian standards.
For example, if someone has spent many years working as a secretary within an office setting, that person might have developed skills that are considered to be part of a formal qualification in business administration.
In some cases, previous experiences may not be enough to provide an individual will a full recognition of prior learning. The competencies the individual has previously gained can be used as credit towards units of competency and may reduce the amount of time a student is required to study to complete a qualification. For some applicants it means that they may not have to complete all the modules in a course of study to graduate based on the credit they receive through the RPL.

Whether you want to study in Australia or plan to pursue a career, you can benefit from the RPL either way.
Anyone who has gained previous experience or relevant skills can apply for the RPL process. It does not matter if you gained those skills in Australia or in your home country or anywhere else overseas. It is required to be able to provide sufficient evidence of this previously obtained knowledge in form of reference letters, work samples, transcripts, certificates or other qualifications.
If your RPL gets approved it can increase your chances of permanent relocation to Australia or it can simply shorten the time of your Australian studies. A nationally recognition of your previous experience can open the door to a job, sponsorship, a higher degree or ultimately to migration to Australia.

After defining your goals, it is important to define the way to get there and the required qualifications. You might not currently have a formal degree in your field of expertise but years of relevant work experience. During the process of the recognition of prior learning it will be considered if your previous experience is equal to formal education in Australia.
Therefore, the assessor will take three main parts into consideration.

This could include educational courses that have been previously completed and that are relevant to the field of studies or job related. Here it will also determine if you have some previous qualifications that can be counted as credit towards a different qualification.

You might have gained solid knowledge and relevant skills during previous practical work experience that are related to the course of studies. It does not matter if that work experience was gained in a full-time or part-time job or if it was in a voluntary role.

Even your general life experience and the skills you have developed over time can count towards a national recognized qualification.

  • Passport (100 points ID)
  • Driving licence or any other 2nd form of ID
  • Resume with job description & reference
  • Job reference letter from employer.
  • Financial evidence
  • USI
  • Documentation of previous education
  • Pictures & videos (only cookery & required qualification)
  • Australian Visa copy.

At the end of the process you will learn if your current knowledge is recognized in Australia and you will be awarded with a full qualification or if you would have to attend certain courses or classes to complete the certification.

The only condition is that you must be able to provide evidence of your previous experience in form of reference letters, photos or videos, certificates, awards, work samples or anything else that proves your knowledge. All your documents must be professionally translated into English language by an official NAATI translator <can you link the word NAATI translator to contact us page> .

The recognition of prior learning is important in many ways.
Getting your previous experience and skills formally recognized can shorten your study time to gain a full formal qualification as well as preventing you from undergoing unnecessary training or instructions that you are already familiar with.

It depends on the individual case but most of the time the process takes between 2-8 weeks. A hard copy will be issued 2 weeks after you have received a confirmation email regarding your qualification.

Contact us and one of our friendly team members will get back to you in the next 24hrs. Or apply here for a FREE RPL check to find out if you qualify for RPL.


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