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Professional courses are a valuable alternative to University Programs, since they allow you to learn real jobs or professions and get into the labour market quickly. Most of the professional courses are a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and provide the right competences for the selected area of interest.

To be effective, the professional course has to be issued by institutions recognised by the country government, which ensures that the given education is high-quality, valuable and permanent. This makes sure that the qualification is accepted as worthy in the country of issue. Those kind of qualifications can also be preparatory for University Programs.

Professional education is usually appreciated by the employers since it gives the required competences, as much that in some sectors, it is even more valued than the university one. A professional course is a very good choice if you aim to gain practical competences to quickly enter the labour market. Starting a professional course is a good opportunity to:

  • Develop professional and personal skills, that are closely linked with industry;
  • Open a pathway toUniversities: in some countries universities have special deals with the institutions promoting these courses and recognise the credits;
  • Develop career paths through a mix of study and practical work;

Providers offer a very large range of courses from Certificates through Graduate Certificates and sometimes also Graduate Diplomas. Popular and common programs offered are listed below.

This covers a wide range of fields, including information technology, frontline management, hospitality and marketing courses, business.

These courses are designed to prepare students to work within organisations providing a range of community based services, predominantly involved in interpersonal contact with clients in a variety of community work services.

These courses provide students with the detailed knowledge and skills needed for a future career in information technologies.

These courses offer theoretical and practical elements to nurture students in developing artistic work or specialize in one or several media such as graphic / interior design, photography, animation, illustration, video making.

Students can obtain qualifications in a wide variety of building and engineering fields such as air-conditioning and refrigeration, carpentry, painting, design and civil engineering.

These programs can lead students into supervisory positions in the food service, hospitality and tourism industries.

These programs enable students to gain employment in a variety of fields within the sports and recreation industries. Students are provided with a fundamental knowledge of exercise programming, leadership and motivation, sports marketing, resistance training, nutrition, rehabilitation, personal training, and psychology.


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