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English is the most spoken and studied language in the world, since it has been elected to be the International Lingua Franca. For this reason, nowadays, kids all over the world are taught it since the very first years of school. Despite this, it is not easy to learn language properly without having the chance to use it on a daily basis, and that’s why people whose English is not the first language, often struggle using it.

In order to improve your language skills, moving to an English-speaking country is probably the best step you could take! There are different types of courses you could consider, depending on which is the goal of the student.
These courses allow you to start from any level you may have and reach any level you aim to.

The English courses can be mainly split into three categories: the General English courses and the Certificates courses

The General English courses are the ones that actually teach the language: from the basic of the grammar to the more advanced vocabularies, they take you to a good level of spoken and written English, with which you will gain the confidence to hold a proper conversation with a native speaker. A good fluency in English is a skill very evaluated by the employers from all over the world, and it is requested if you are planning to work in an English-speaking country.

General English courses are mainly split in 5 levels:

  • Beginner: for people who need to learn the basics.
  • Pre-Intermediate: to reach a school level.
  • Intermediate: to reach a good written and satisfactory spoken comprehension.
  • Upper Intermediate: for people who already have a good written and spoken skills.
  • Advanced: for people who already have a high level.

Most of the schools hold a level test on the first day, to be able to allocate you into the right class. Usually, the courses lasts 12 weeks, since this is the average time you need to advance a level. This length, however, is not compulsory, and most of the courses can be tailored around your timetable and decide to take your course in the morning or in the evening.

If your goal is to get a certificate that proves your ability in using the English language, you will have to take a proper course to prepare you for a specific exam. The three English certificates are: IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL and PTE. These are equivalent, in the meaning that they confirm the same levels, but they are not when it comes to countries; schools and work requirements.
The IELTS, the PTE and the Cambridge Certificates are the most requested in the countries belonging to the Commonwealth (such as England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, ...) to access professional courses and universities. The TOEFL otherwise, is the certificate requested by the Educational Institutions in the USA. These certificates are often requested also in the labour market, since some employers may ask for a proof of level, and especially, they are compulsory to apply for the Permanent Visas, along with other requirements.

To pick one, you have to think first about the reason why you are taking the course, and then in which country are you planning to use it. These courses are just a preparation for the exam, so you can enrol only if your English level is already Intermediate or over. Those exams are divided in 4 parts, verifying the following main areas:

  • Reading (comprehension of a written text)
  • Writing (writing of a text)
  • Listening (comprehension of natural conversations among native speakers)
  • Speaking (holding a conversation with a native speaker)

The prices of the courses vary depending on the institution, the duration, the actual promotions and the type of course: it could be intensive, part-time, one-to-one, in a group, in class or online. It is important to always calculate the extra cost for the IELTS, Cambridge, PTE and TOEFL, since these exams have their own price, which rarely are included in the course fee.


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