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It is the County Seat of the Lombardy region, about 40 km south from the Alps. It is very near to the Lake district, including
Lakes Como and Maggiore (30 minutes by car). From Milan, Rome is reachable on a fast train in as little as 3 hours, Venice and Florence a bit more than 2 hours.
It has the second most populous city of Italy. Let’s face it, Milan is not likely on the top of most lists for first-time visitors to Italy, in fact, most tourists think there is little of substance
to see in Milan and inevitably avoid this fast-paced metropolis. While it does not have the depth of sites that some of other Italy’s more acclaimed cities offer, it is one of Italy's most
fashionable cities but it also holds several historic and artistic attractions, including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world Il Duomo, The Last Supper painting, and the famous
La Scala Opera House to name a few. Creativity is big business in here, the renowned Italian design roots lay here from 1930 and now it is home to all the major design showrooms and an endless round of trade fairs.
Milan has 2 airports. Malpensa, the big international airport from which you can reach the historic center either via ‘the Malpensa express train’ or by bus. Linate is the smaller
airport, still connected to the city via coaches. The main train station, Milano Centrale at Piazza Duca d' Aosta, links to major cities in Italy and western Europe. Domestic and
international bus lines arrive in Piazza Castello. Moreover, Milan has a very good public transportation, which includes trams, buses, trains and 4 subway lines.
The city can be very hot and humid in summer but winters are not too severe.
Famous dish:
La cotoletta alla Milanese consisting in a burnished, buttery veal cutlet and l’ossobuco con il risotto, saffron risotto served with a slowly braised juicy ossobuco. Apart from the classic dishes today Milan continues to push Italy’s culinary boundaries, making any sort of cuisine its own, holding the highest number of Michelin stars in the country.
Things to see:
As we mentioned above the famous gothic cathedral Il Duomo, La Scala Opera House and L’Ultima Cena (the last supper) are all must. But Milan offers much more than this three.
We suggest you to go for a walk at Navigli, Porta Ticinese, La Darsena to discover all the hidden courts; if you feel motivated by religion the Basilica di San Lorenzo and Colonne
(columns), la basilica di Sant'Ambrogio, la Cattolica and il Tempio della Vittoria, San Bernardino alle Ossa, San Carlo al Corso, San Maurizio Maggiore (the Sistina Chapel of
Milano) are all easy to reach. If arts is your thing then Triennale, Gallerie d'Italia, Brera and the Pinacoteca would be your best attractions. And why not, Milan is also glamorous, you cannot avoid Buenos Aires, Porta Venezia, the new suburb of Porta Nuova, Corso Como and Isola for shopping and ‘after-work’ drinks.
Soccer teams:
A.C. Milan and Internazionale

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