Are you wondering why Sydney is one of the top fifteen most visited cities in the world? Do you know why the “Harbour City” as it is fondly called is enviably one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Perhaps you are pondering on your next vacation spot, why don’t you take a breather as I take you on a discovery tour of Sydney, the Harbour City.

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia with an estimated population of about 4.9 million representing different nationalities. The city’s climatic condition can be classified as humid subtropical with warm summers, cool winters and uniform rainfall all year round. Sydney is home to two-thirds of the regional headquarters of multinational corporations; contributing to its advanced market economy are the Financial services, Tourism, Technology and the Education sectors which are the most thriving sectors of the city’s economy.

Due to the abundance of natural and man-made attractions, Sydney is a popular destination to international visitors and holiday-makers. From the sandy beaches through the Royal National Park to the Sydney Opera House and many more, you can be sure to have a swell time in Sydney. Other tourist attractions in Sydney are: The Royal National Park, Port Jackson, Cockatoo Island, Taroonga Zoo and The Blue Mountains National Park where you will see the unique rock formation known as the Three Sisters.

Scattered across different locations in Sydney are cableways, biking trails and hiking trails. These and many more make Sydney the most preferred vacation destination for international tourists. Visit Australia and Experience Sydney!

Must-see location

Sydney Opera House is a place you must visit. This 213 feet structure is an accredited UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of 20th century’s distinctive buildings. It has a total capacity of about 5,738 comprising of 6 venues which includes 2 theatres, a concert hall, 1 playhouse, the studio and the Utzon room which is a small multipurpose venue. As a visitor, you can have a tour of the venue from 7am daily. With more than 40 performances weekly, you have different options to select from. Also, there is an opportunity to sign up for a 2-hour backstage tour in order to get a feel of what happens in the domain of performers. To make your visit a memorable one, enjoy the tasty cuisines of Peter Gilmore’s restaurant Bennelong while savouring the beauty of the harbour.

This masterpiece is a steel-through arch bridge across the Sydney Harbour. It is nicknamed “Coat hanger” because of its unique arch design. Tourists are allowed to walk and cycle across it as well as climb to the summit to enjoy the panoramic view, but not without a protective gear. If you are planning to climb the bridge it highly recommended to book in advance. For further information on how to book the climb contact us!

This 1,014 feet structure is Sydney's tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city. This massive tower comprises of four sections which can be accessed by elevators. You can wine and dine at one of the restaurants while viewing Sydney’s beautiful skyline. Pay a visit to Sydney Tower Eye which is an observation deck on level four and have a 360 degree view of Sydney. In addition to this is a 4D cinema where you can watch interesting footages.

This prominent attraction is sited on 74 acres of land in the heart of Sydney.

It is one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world; it dates back to 1816. Enjoy the free access to this facility and relish the beauty of nature. The garden comprises of four major enclosures also housing smaller gardens: The Lower Gardens is where you have the main ponds, Victoria lodge, Band Lawn and more; The Middle Gardens with the Succulent Garden, Palm House, Begonia Garden, Herbarium, Wollemi Pine and more; The Palace Gardens featuring the Rainforest Walk, the Pioneer Garden, the Morshead Fountain, the Herb Garden, the Tropical Centre and more; Bennelong Precinct which features the Australian Native Rockery, Bennelong Lawn, the Parade Ground, the Government House and the Queen Elizabeth II Gate.


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