Perth is the capital of Western Australia.

It has a temperate climate, experts classify the Perth area as a Mediterranean climate. It was founded about 300 years ago as a colony on the Swan River, when the first ones were brought there convicts: in fact, two of the most beautiful buildings in the city were built by them: the Government House and the Perth Town Hall. Perth is famous for being one of the cities where the sun always shines, but not only: it is also known for being the most isolated city in Australia. Suffice it to say that the nearest town is 2700km away and it is Adelaide.

In any case, the fact that it is isolated does not mean that there are no things to do, indeed! You could start with a nice walk in Kings Park and in the Botanic Garden, where nature is offers a view of the bay that literally takes your breath away. Elizabeth Quay is one of the favorite meeting places of citizens and tourists, it has a characteristic small port overlooking the banks of the Swan river, this place although in continuous evolution, offers a 360 ° view of the city. It is a point where you can relax or take part in the many activities that animate this urban context.

There is no shortage of bars, cafes and restaurants in this city, as there are plenty of pubs where you can drink beers and have fun with friends. Most of these are located in the area of ​​William Street, James Street, Aberdeen Street and Parker Street. Perth is wild and isolated but at the same time modern and in step with the times: the skyscrapers and the works of the current century do not come into conflict with the landscapes that seem to have been painted on a canvas. Absolutely to visit.

Must-see location

Who loves the stories about convicts will not be able to help but visit the Fremantle Prison, it is indeed right here that for over 130 years they have known well-known Australians and British criminals.

You will also be able to experience the thrill of a night tour,<can you link the word night tour to the travel experience page> obviously guided, many are talking about this experience as a pure adrenaline rush: for thriller fans it is possible to wander in the middle of the night between secret passages and cramped cells listening to disturbing stories.

The Perth Mint is instead the ideal place to visit if you want to deepen all that concerns the gold fusion, is visited with great interest by thousands of tourists every year. Everything is made more fascinating by the fact that through demonstrations, you can admire this metal valuable during all phases of the process.

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