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Brisbane today has 2.5 million inhabitants, which makes it the third most populous city in Australia, and also it is by far the most highly populated city in the state of Queensland.

This city was named after the river which flows through the town, called indeed Brisbane, which in turn got its name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the Governor of New South Wales. Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, wet summers and dry, moderately warm winters.

As the majority of the Australian metropolis, Brisbane offers innumerable attractions. The combination of art, culture, entertainment and adventure that characterized this city leads into a synergy to benefit from during the stay.
South Bank is allocated in the heart of the city, and with its artificial beach and palm threes offers refreshment during wet summers. You will forget to be around the corner from the CBD (central business district). Easily accessible, South Bank is also well connected to the public transport network. Every summer thousands of people come here to benefit from the fine sand, the artificial swimming-pools and bars allocated all around the area.
Closed to South Bank is allocated the City Botanic Garden, the perfect spot for walking through the colorful flora and wild fauna. Equipped with a lake, the City Botanic Garden is the favorite place for those who decide to relax after an unbridled shopping made downtown. Clothing and souvenir shops can be found in central Brisbane, where you can buy typical Australian articles, such as boomerang or kangaroo and koala toys. You can also find the characteristic Australian cowboy hat, made with dark leather and usually dressed by locals during the sunny and hottest summer days.
If you go to Brisbane you must visit the Story Bridge, a massive bridge crossing the river and connecting the north with the south suburbs. Hundreds of people also use it to pumping out their level of adrenaline: you can climb the Bridge! It is 75 meters high and 777 meters long, and it was inaugurated the 6th of July 1940 becoming part of the National Heritage. Anzac Square is another must see, designated Cultural Heritage site on October 1992: allocated among massive skyscrapers, this Square commemorates all the Queenslanders who have taken part in overseas battles. Art and culture are highly valued in Brisbane, museums abound and some of the most important are: Museum of Queensland, Museum of Brisbane, Opal Museum and the Queensland Maritime Museum. All easily reachable by public transport.

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Must-see location

For those who are looking for entertainment and get a few hours of fun, one of the most recommended locations is Fortitude Valley. It is very close to the CBD, and characterized by several pubs, discos and restaurants. It is also called “Valley”; because of its both sophisticated and kinky lifestyle. In this partying piece of heaven, fancy ladies wearing elegant evening dresses and offbeat people come together. Along the main course there are many outdoor places where to have dinner or drink, dancing wildly or simply watch a game. However Queensland has very strict laws: it is strictly forbidden to dump cigarettes on the ground or walk away from pub with drinks.

Therefore, it is appropriate to always keep an appropriate behavior to enjoy the calm and the freedom of this city.

West End is a particular area of the city characterized by multicultural fusion, street food, antiques markets and exhibitions out in the open.

It attracts thousands of tourists: many old-school hippies, dressing with colorful jackets and long hairs, which have got many stories to tell. Also, this is where the majority of aborigines can be found, because it is far from the city racket, so they get their comfort zone.

If one were to travel a couple of miles away from the city, a hike at Mount Coot-tha Lookout must be included on the “to do list”. It is part of the Brisbane Forest Park, covering 150 kmq. The magnificent observation point shows a breathtaking view on the city of Brisbane both by day and night. Rest spots and tracks are hosted in nature.

Just 12 km away from the city, it is possible to get in touch with the typical fauna of this endless country: kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, Tasmanian devils and other curious animals can be found at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It is allowed to pet the meek kangaroos which wander free inside the park, usually keen on having selfies with tourists. It is also possible to take a photo while holding a koala, action that requires special attention: the park staff will help and lead you on how to hold one this fluffy animals. It will be an unforgettable experience and in the end, after been waiting on the queue for a little while, it will be worth it. Despite its 2 million inhabitants, Brisbane is a very livable city on a human scale. Hustle and bustle of modern city are not part of Brisbane. It is an incredibly clean and civil city able to meet the needs of every tourist.


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